Hashtag or Bashtag?

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While training my clients to use social media, I am often asked the question, “Why do people use hashtags? Are they effective?” Hashtags can seem to be an entirely different language sometimes. While the hashtag originated in Twitter, it soon migrated over to Instagram and then became active on Facebook. We seem to have picked up this habit in our spoken language, as is evident in this popular (and very funny) video by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake: http://youtu.be/57dzaMaouXA

When used strategically, hashtags can be topic markers, mood indicators, voting tools, chat titles, campaign and event markers, product names, etc. And so with the various uses of hashtags, we need to employ strategy when we select hashtags for our content plan. Because without proper planning, you may find your results in line with #myNYPD or #AskEmmert – both examples which became bashtags this past week.

If you want to make sure you select the right hashtag for your marketing communication, then this week’s video is for you. I walk you through five, super easy steps to prevent your hashtag from becoming a hashtag. Have a look: