Summer is a Time for Strategy

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It’s July! Half the year has flown by already, and we find ourselves with two months of summer on our hands. Members and their families go on vacation, students are not on campus, and we may even have vacations of our own to look forward to in July and August. Even if we maintain a busy schedule, I hope we can agree that summer is the perfect time to take a pause and hit the reset button on your strategic communication plans.

You’ve worked hard to implement your content plan, to connect and communicate with your audience. You also have six months of data you can work with to help you finish strong in 2014 and make sure you’ve achieved your personal, department and organizational goals.

In addition to helping you identify what to look for in your insights and analytics, I’m also sharing a helpful diagram to get your thoughts organized so that you can better plan your content and campaigns.

This communication goal guide is meant to help you identify your personal, department or organization goals, the topics which help you express those goals, but which also resonate with your audience. Once you’ve identified the topics for your communication, you can use those to craft messages to push out through your various media channels, whether they be online, via email or in print.

Make sure you take advantage of summer, and take the time to tweak your content plan as needed so that you can make your communication work to achieve your goals.